National Council AGM 2022

The 2022 National Council AGM was held at the offices of BDO Wellington on Saturday the 28th of May.

The following were elected to the National Council and Management Committee:

President Peter Adamson
Vice-President Peter Burch
Vice-President Neil Wech
General Secretary Peter Nalder
Members Kenneth Williamson
  Alan Drummond
  Tristan Will
  Fiona Attewell
  Amanda Burr
  John Harvey


There was some financial assistance to help with the cost of transport for delegates attending the National Council AGM.

The meeting was run as a "hybrid" meeting with Microsoft Teams being an option for Branch Delegates/Observers who were not able to travel to Wellington.  24 delegates, observers and visitors were present either at Wellington or via  Microsoft Teams.

Documents for the meeting are available from the links below:
2022 Meeting Agenda
Minutes of the 2021 National Council AGM
Message from the Minister of Defence
Message from the Minister for Youth
Report from the President
Report from the President CCANZ
Report from the Commandant
Notes from CAF's presentation
Draft Minutes of the 2022 National Council AGM


Updated 11 April 2023