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ATCANZ 2023 National Council AGM

The ATCANZ Rules (Constitution) state that:

  • Clause 8.1.1 There shall be at least one meeting each year of the National Council on a date to be fixed by the Management Committee.
  • Clause 8.1.3 The business of National Council Annual General Meetings shall be to elect National Council and Management Committee members to be elected pursuant to Clause 7.2 and to conclude such business as may be deemed appropriate by the President.
  • Clause 8.1.4 Nominations for officers to be elected shall be made by District Councils, Branches or the Management Committee and shall be in the hands of the General Secretary by the thirty first day of March each year.
The date for the 2023 National Council AGM is the 20th of May.

Nomination forms for officers to be elected can be downloaded from this website:

Posted 4 March 2023 0830

Annual Cadet Levy

At its meeting on the 26th of October 2022 the Management Committee determined that the Cadet Levy for the 2024 year (to be invoiced in August/September 2023) would be a Branch Levy of $100.00 and an individual Cadet Levy of $15.00 per cadet based on average cadet numbers as reported by Cadet Forces for the June 2022 to July 2023 year.

Posted 27 October 2022 0900

Sainsbury Awards

The Association has received another round of funding from the Roy and Marie Sainsbury Charitable Trust.  Branch Committees should now start thinking about applying for a grant from this funding.  You can find out what is involved here.

Posted 29 July 2022 2000

Google Workspace

Recently Google has made its Workspace suite available free for non-profits and ATCANZ has taken advantage of this via our Domain “”.  You can find out all about Google Workspace using this link.

Access to our Workspace is via a login to our Domain in the form of “[user]@”.  User will be in the form “[Branch Nr]chairperson@”, “[Branch Nr]secretary@” or “[Branch Nr]treasurer@”.

Our Workspace is available to all our Branches and is already being used by 15 and 29 Branches.

If your Branch would like to make use of this capability contact the General Secretary.

Posted 27 July 2022 1100


Liability Insurance - ‘Claims Made’ – Important Notice!

The ATCANZ Public Liability Insurance policy is arranged on a ‘Claims Made’ basis. This means it is a strict policy requirement to notify the insurer as soon as possible of any claim or potential claim. Failure to notify the insurer of any circumstance that may give rise to a claim prior to the end of the renewal period, or as soon as you become aware that a claim may occur, can result in the claim being declined.

Posted 18 July 2022 0900

2022 ATCANZ National Council AGM

The 2022 ATCANZ National Council AGM was held in the offices of BDO in Wellington on Saturday the 28th of June 2022.  Present at the meeting were 20 delegates and 6 observers.  A further 9 delegates and 4 observers attended via MS Teams.

The following National Council Members and Management Committee Members were elected:

President Peter Adamson
Vice-President Peter Burch
Vice-President Neil Wech
General Secretary Peter Nalder
Members Fiona Attewell
  Amanda Burr
  Alan Drummond
  John Harvey
  Tristan Will
  Kenneth Williamson


The meeting resolved that the District Councils established by the National Council to provide a forum for representatives of Branches on a regional basis and for liaison between Branches and National Council be dissolved with effect 1 July 2022 in accordance with the provisions of Clause 7.8.1 of the Rules of the Association.

Updated 22 July 2022 1600


What is Techsoup?   TechSoup New Zealand is a registered charity and not-for-profit organisation committed to building stronger communities through technology.  Since 2007, a growing list of leading tech companies have partnered with TechSoup New Zealand to support the New Zealand charity sector with donated and discounted IT products, online learning and specialised consulting services.

TechSoup New Zealand’s program is free to join and free to access. Our membership of over 30,000 not for profits rely on us to supply them with best-in-market prices on IT hardware, software, and training services. They look to us as a source of authority on IT solutions to increase their social impact.

In November 2018, TechSoup New Zealand joined forces with Infoxchange. With 150 staff across Australia and New Zealand, we are the region’s leading not-for-profit dedicated to using technology to improve the lives of people experiencing disadvantage and the organisations that support them.

ATCANZ Branches can join TechSoup at no cost using our ATCANZ Charities Registration Number which can be obtained from the General Secretary on request.

Posted 28 April 2022 1731

ATCANZ Branch Handbook

The ATCANZ Branch Handbook is now available for use. 

Posted 24 April 2022 1300

34 Branch Success Story

Hazel Pennefather reports:

2021 has had it’s challenges, but our Unit has been successful with applying for Grants, which has seen the interior of our Unit totally revamped.

We lease our building from the Council, and they have worked with us, supplying paint for our revamp.

Grants from One Foundation, Lion Foundation, Grassroots Trust and our local South Waikato District Council to the value of $20,000 have enabled us  to have New carpet and vinyl laid.

Sponsorship applications were made to Bunnings, Triangle Timber, Noel Leeming and  Warehouse Stationary who all were more than generous in their donations.   Continuing to work with our local community Menz Shed, Lions Groups, Council and the  Masonic Lodge as well as raising our profile with a website,    2022 is already positioning our Unit  in a much better space than it was 2 years ago.

Unit facility Before                                                                        and after







Our secret – you don’t know unless you ask (or apply), and the worst they can do is say   NO!

Posted 24 December 2021 0730


The accounts of the Association (Management Committee, Districts and Branches) have to be reviewed each year in the form of a Performance Report that we file with Charities Services as a condition of maintaining our Charitable status.

To enable this to happen Branches must provide the General Secretary details of their accounts for the year.  The Management Committee at its meeting on the 22nd of July 2022 determined the form of the Statement of Financial Affairs for Branches for the 2022 year in accordance with the provisions of the ATCANZ Rules.  A copy of the provisions and Reviewer's requirements can be found here.

The requirements for the 2022 year have been simplified as all Branches are now using at least some form of Xero.

Updated 22 July 2022 1630

Management Committee Minutes

Recent Management Committee Minutes can be found here.
Updated 3 March 2023 2359

Contact Details

Our Rules require Districts and Branches to provide the Management Committee with regular updates of Membership and Officer details.  You can find all the Membership requirements here.  You can find out about the Officer contact requirements here.
Posted 2 October 2020 0715