National Council AGM

On Zoom 2020

The National Council Meeting of The Air Training Corps Association of New Zealand (Inc) was held using the Zoom platform on the 8th of August 2020.


The following Officers were elected to the National Council and Management Committee:

President Peter Adamson
North Island Vice-President Peter Burch
South Island Vice-President Neil Wech
General Secretary Peter Nalder
Members Kenneth Williamson
  Alan Drummond
  Gary Jenkins
  Tristan Will
  Fiona Attewell
  Amanda Burr



A copy of the Agenda can be found here.


A copy of the President's Report can be found here.


The Minutes of the 2019 National Council AGM held at Ohakea can be found here.  A draft of the Minutes of the 2020 meeting can be found here.

Report to the Cadet Advisory Council

A copy of the Commandant's Report to the Cadet Advisory Council be found here.

ATCANZ 2019 Accounts

The ATCANZ 2019 accounts can be found here.